Partners’ profile:

F&K Consultants

F&K is a specialized consulting company for developing and implementing business strategies for SMEs and VETs. Of its main aims, is to support SMEs to increase their business excellence and be able to provide higher quality products. F&K has long-lasting experience in training of different management methodologies as well as in R&D of marketing related issues. The highly educated members of the Company have gained knowledge and wide experience in the consulting and technological innovation through the intense participation in R&D projects, part of them funded by the European commission. F&K has a wide network of different partners over the European Union and is an expert for assembling proposals with a high level of innovation as well as managing the consortium to reliable results. F&K has international experience over 16 years in this area and provides interdisciplinary teams from engineers, mathematicians or marketing specialists to obtain a high value of the consulting services for their customers.

Almond Vocational Link Ltd

Almond Vocational Link is a professional company formed as a result of our experience gained from interacting with youth from all over the world for more than twenty years. During the last nine years, Almond has been involved in Leonardo da Vinci/Erasmus+ programmes that deal with mobility for Initial Vocational Training (IVT) and People in the Labour Market (PLM). These programmes facilitate opportunities for participants through language training and practical work experience in their chosen vocation. The language training is delivered by very experienced and highly qualified teachers whose qualifications are recognised by the British Council. We use up to date methodology and an interactive approach in order to maximise results. The teaching includes use of books, visual and audio mediums, newspapers, magazines and concentrates on the main four aspects of the language training: Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, and outlines also aspects of everyday life: School, work, free time and Hobbies, Health & Safety, TV and Media, Shopping, holidays and more. Since the involvement in a KA2 project to develop a new methodology to teach adults using the Montessori Methodology we are currently working on developing an online platform to deliver language training and implementing it in a new company.

Marathon Group

One-stop shop: They call theirselves architects of knowledge who provide integrated e-learning and M-learning technology, content and implementation solutions. Our teams (10-20 people depending on the project we are involved in) offer the full range of development functions from business analysts to language learning specialists to software development and integration. Their content-focused projects and consulting services include on-line and offline digital applications and print-based publishing projects.

Pedagogical product design: Marathon has broad experience developing international projects in a range of languages, for a range of student categories and using a range of learning methodologies. Their experience over the last 25 years has made them aware of the difficulties involved in second language acquisition and has allowed them to mold our solutions (both technical and pedagogical) for students who don’t have the opportunity to speak English outside their learning environment.

Multinational experience in the field: The diversity of nationalities on Marathon teams as well as the breadth of their client base means that they have a deep understanding of a many cultures. Our previous and current clients comprise companies all over the world including Berlitz, Disney, Pearson/Longman, Macmillan, Positivo (Brazil) and Deagostini (Italy).

Studio Profectus Ltd

Studio Profectus is a research and training centre focused on a variety of areas including formal and non-formal education, vocational training and special education needs. The organisation collaborates with schools, colleges and universities and various education establishments in the country and abroad. We work at the intersection of such fields as education and disability, interculturality and communication, research and innovation. One of the primary focuses of Studio Profectus is the development and testing of innovative language teaching methods, design and delivery of language teaching courses, tools and applications.


Cogniturn IKE is the start-up company of five friends with different educational and professional backgrounds that develop innovative online educational solutions and tools. Cogniturn has developed “wordigs”, an innovative online English vocabulary tool for all students that learn English as a foreign/second language, as well as for teachers of English that are looking for an efficient, interactive way to teach vocabulary online. Using their tools, the students can learn and enhance their vocabulary skills, according to their level in English, using both/either their mother tongue or just the English language, either by personally exercising and monitoring their progress or by connecting and interacting with their physical English teachers. They can also entertain themselves, while simultaneously further enhancing their knowledge, with real-time online vocabulary gaming.

Lawton School S.L.

Lawton School is based in the Principality of Asturias in Northern Spain, and has 4 centres specialised in language training in English, French and German, as well as Spanish courses for foreigners. Lawton School organises courses for the general public, both children and adults, as well as a wide range of companies and other professional bodies. Delivery is classroom based, or via blended learning, on-line learning or video conference. We also offer business and vocational studies, facilitating vocational training through language competences.

Lawton School has implemented more than 20 LdV and Grundtvig projects in cooperation with multiple partners across Europe. Participation in these projects has had a profound impact on staff who have gained expertise in the management and implementation of different projects and in promoting lifelong learning.

Lawton School developed the course content for the highly innovative Digital Language School ( for the visually impaired, as well as for the very successful projects EU Women and Henge (

Lawton School centres are approved by the Dirección General de Formación del Principado de Asturias. Asturias is an autonomous region with more than 25% unemployment, and adult learners attending courses are often unemployed, looking for first employment, or employed but concerned for their future. Many of these people are looking to work in other European Union member States as a solution to this problem.

European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs

European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs is the main association of young entrepreneurs in Europe, representing around 40.000 young entrepreneurs under 40 years old. YES was launched in 1988 by seven national groups of young entrepreneurs in order to face the challenges resulting from the ratification of the Single European Act in July 1987. Young entrepreneurs from Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan and Portugal met in Capri (I) during the National Convention of Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori to sign the “International Young Entrepreneurs Charter”, the so-called “Capri Charter” which established the fundamental principles for the future cooperation. YES mission is to connect young entrepreneurs in Europe, supporting them for better and easier access to capital and to markets. Moreover, YES is working for boosting entrepreneurial culture in Europe, improving entrepreneurial education and modernizing the legal framework for entrepreneurship. Through these members, YES represent 40.000 young entrepreneurs throughout Europe's region. YES actively contributes to the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe and outside. It stimulates exchanges and network activity between young entrepreneurs, fosters cooperation and sharing of best practices.