Project Objectives

an innovative online Business English vocabulary tool

The project will promote the world@words results as tool to work with young people, promote their foreign language skills (business English) and foster entrepreneurial mind-set, particularly for youth.

7 partners from 6 EU countries (UK, GR, ES, IR, BG and BE) - have come together to develop “world@words”, an innovative online Business English vocabulary tool targeting youth who wish to fortify their competitive advantage, learn business English as well as promote their entrepreneurial mind-sets and acquire skills and competences that will help them. The tools will also target teachers of Business English that are looking for an efficient, interactive way to teach Business English Vocabulary online. In world@words, youth can learn and enhance their vocabulary skills, according to their level in English, using both/either their mother tongue (Greek, Spanish, Dutch & Bulgarian) or just the English language, either by personally exercising and monitoring their progress or by connecting and interacting with their physical English teachers. They can also entertain themselves, while simultaneously further enhancing their knowledge, with real-time on-line vocabulary gaming.