About Us

The World in Words project provides an online Business English Vocabulary learning platform for Young people to increase their foreign language skills and also foster an entrepreneurial mind-set. The partnership consisted of seven partners from six European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Spain, and UK.

Our Objectives

Since its inception in October 2016 the project has developed an innovative online Business English Vocabulary tool, targeting youth who wish to enhance their competitive advantage. Through this tool and the events and training sessions that have been organized, our target group now have access to a different learning approach, which combines online vocabulary, quizzes and games.

Project Activities

The project activities were many and diverse, ranging from surveys to determine user training needs, events to bring us closer to our target group and interact with them, a training activity where young people or people working with youth had the opportunity to test the project results, information on social media and website, and dissemination activities to raise project awareness.