Multiplier event: “Learn Business English for Free”

“Almond Vocational Link” organized a multiplier event for the “World in Words” project on the 7th of November 2018 Entrepreneurs, refugees and migrants, where 47 people in total participated.

Stephen J Childe ( Associate Professor of Operations Management at Plymouth Business School ) gave a short introduction on the importance of Business English, followed by Janet Wonnacott ( Managing Director of Almond Vocational Link) who gave a brief description on the project. Then, Rosemary Yellop (English Teacher) demonstrated the games on the online platform.
Participants showed real interest in the project and filled in their names and emails in order to becoming pilots for the project.


Multiplier event: “world@words Business English Vs. Entrepreneurship: A success story”

“YES for Europe” organized a multiplier event for the “World in Words” project on the 15th of May 2018 for students from the EHSAL Management School, young people from Belgian associations (Captitant Brussels), intra- entrepreneurs, who are currently working in Brussels, like Finnova, ADITECH, Berola Consulting, Lavorationi Plastize, and Members of the Government (Navarra’s Government, the European Comission and HUB).
During the event, 4 guest speakers had very interesting presentations on how business English is needed for a professional life and how important are entrepreneurs for the European Finance. Also, there were presentations based on the Europeans grants that are available for young people starting businesses.
The event was completed with networking between speakers and participants, discussing how interesting the tool is and how different it is from other platforms in the market, as this one is primarily focused on Business English.


2nd WiW Partners’ meeting in Dublin

The 2nd WiW Partners’ meeting was successfully held in Dublin, March 2017.
During the 2-day meeting, the design, development and time-frame of the business English vocabulary platform was finalized.
WiW partners also discussed on the educational content of the platform, which will contain vocabulary quizzes, vocabulary games and simulation dialogues, later to be integrated on the platform.