Project Activities

Project implementation Strategy

Description of activities:

The project will run for 28 months, starting October 1st, 2016. During its implementation, the partners will carry out 4 Intellectual Outputs (project work phases) and project awareness activities (dissemination). During these, there will be many activities, such as studies, research, development of the WorldInWords system and finally, tool and training material translations into Greek, Bulgarian, Spanish and French. Once the tool is complete, the partners will test it nationally with target group members.

Methodology to be used in carrying out the project:

The methodology is based on research, testing and validation of the whole system.

The long-term benefits are to:
  • enable more people to study and/or work abroad, and improve their job prospects;
  • help people from different cultures understand one another - essential in a multilingual, multicultural Europe;
  • trade effectively across Europe, businesses need multilingual staff and
  • promote entrepreneurial mind-sets to enhance employability prospects of youth, and other groups of youth i.e NEETs, students
  • the language industry – translation and interpretation, language teaching, language technologies, etc. – is among the fastest growing areas of the economy.

Thus, our project will contribute to the improve achievement in basic and transversal competences (entrepreneurship and 2nd language / Business English) in lifelong learning through non-formal education provision.

Project activities:

  • user needs analysis - desktop research (field and desktop),
  • The WorldInWords multilingual system,
  • Training material on business English vocabulary and related resources,
  • 5 business simulation games,
  • 10 interactive soft skills entrepreneurial training activities during workshops and learning activity,
  • 4 multiplier events,
  • 16 short seminars created by the partners as results from their interaction with youth, organisation and stakeholders,
  • 6 project meetings,
  • 7 pilot sessions - to test results, collect input and adopt accordingly to better suit TG needs,
  • dissemination & exploitation activities,
  • 3 webinars,
  • 1 learning activity for youth workers, language trainers, staff, representatives of youth organisations, key experts to participate and learn how to use the system.