About Us

We train young people on Business English with “Enhancing Young People’s Business English Vocabulary”

The “WorldInWords” project will train young people on enhancing their Business English Vocabulary through an integrated pedagogical approach. The results will utilize online training, business simulation games and workshops and events, aiming to foster Business English skills and enhance entrepreneurial skill-sets. In addition, the WorldInWords tools will help people and organisations working with youth, to establish support structures within their own organisations. During the events organized, interested parties will have the opportunity to test the WorldInWords results and disseminate further to local and regional authorities.

The project will promote the WorldInWords results as tool to work with young people and promote their foreign language skills and foster entrepreneurial mind-set, particularly for youth classified as Not in Education, Employment or Training. The relevant European policies the project addresses and comply with are: the Europe 2020 growth strategy, with flagship initiatives: Digital Agenda for Europe, Youth on the Move, the European multilingualism policy guided by the objective set by the Barcelona Council of March 2002. It has also been shaped by the Commission Communication ‘Multilingualism: an asset for Europe and a shared commitment’ (2008) and by the Council Resolution on a European strategy for multilingualism (2008). The improvement of quality and efficiency of language learning is one of the key objectives of the Strategic Framework for Education and Training (‘ET 2020’).